Romance and Sea Mist

My response to dVerse Poets Pub Haibun Monday: A Little RomanceToni has challenged us to pen a romantic haibun. 

Although we’ve known each other since childhood, we’d been babies in prams in parallel roads, ran around the playground together when we were six years old and had shy crushes on each other as teenagers, I hadn’t seen you in about nineteen years, since that last chance meeting on the Tube. I’d often wondered what had happened to you. I moved around a lot, from country to country and town to town. You told me later that you believed I’d followed the hippy trail to somewhere like India, but I had always been a little closer to home, visiting my parents whenever I could. My mother suggested sending a letter to her local newspaper, as she still lived in the same part of town in which we both grew up, so I did: ‘Looking for a lost friend’ was the title they gave it. I never imagined you would get in touch immediately, or that you would visit me, a single parent living in a fairly remote part of the country you didn’t even know existed. So I waited at the window that October evening.  You had got lost along the coast in the rolling sea mist. We talked all night, as if we had never been apart, and over the following months you visited most weekends and then took a short break so that we could spend time together, exploring the coast – and each other. It was then you proposed. At the end of January, we woke up married, after a night in a four-poster bed in a converted barn – we couldn’t afford a proper honeymoon. After breakfast, we got in the car to drive the few miles home in the early morning mist. Almost twenty four years later, we still love misty weather, especially that sea fog that rolls in off the North Norfolk coast.

scent of earth and sea

mingled breath of you and me

 mist clings to coastline

© Kim M. Russell, 2016

Romance and Sea Mist


23 thoughts on “Romance and Sea Mist

  1. The haiku is truly exquisite. And knowing each other all your lives! So very romantic. My husband and I did the b&b thing over the weekend due to money and work constraints. We just decided every day would be part of the honeymoon. This is so wonderful….friendship and lovers. Perfect.

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  2. This brought on such a big smile, Kim. I was married in February, and our honeymoon was also on the seaside – a small cottage so close to the water that the sand blew under the door. It was bliss.

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    1. I’m thrilled that the haibun made you smile. I think we are all romantics and there have been wonderful responses to the prompt, I’m so glad I found you all.


  3. SMiles.. online
    tracks of lost loves..
    lost friends.. but mostly
    for me new ones that would
    never ever live and thrive where
    i grew up.. i can say with confidence
    that at least from my Senior class.. none of
    them would
    me now..
    as i escaped
    the place they lived..

    Online tracks
    Ignorance at home..:)

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