Salute to the Sun

through morning windows

choral symphony of birds

salute to the sun


Image found on Pinterest

And one I posted back in February:

ribbons of colour

criss-cross dawn’s rosy heaven

sun bursts into day


Image found on

© Kim M. Russell, 2016

My response to Carpe Diem #1046 dawn

Today the prompt is ‘dawn’, with the following examples from Jane:

rosy dawn
colors the moon
into the sea

spring dawn

darkness flies from the trees
with the bird

the sound of waves

on your sleeping face
dawn light

© Jane Reichhold

These three haiku illustrate the ‘fragment and phrase’ way of writing. It’s how Jane explained haiku in a language other than Japanese.  ‘Fragment and phrase’ means that every haiku has two parts: the ‘fragment’ and the ‘phrase’, which you can HEAR when you read the haiku aloud. In the third haiku, the ‘break’ is after the first line ‘the sound of waves’. There is a ‘natural’ stillness after that first line, called the ‘fragment’. The second and third line are ‘one part’, “on your sleeping face dawn light”. This is called the ‘phrase’.


12 thoughts on “Salute to the Sun

    1. So pleased you like it, Kat! I’ve sent off a couple of poems to competitions this week. I hope the judges are as enthusiastic about them as you are about this haiku!


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