Bird-Bath Razzle


In the stone bowl of the bird-bath
rainwater reflections razzle,
copper leaves still jiggling
in the beech tree dazzle,
backlit by sharp autumn sun.
On the edge of the bowl,
a robin puffs up his scarlet breast,
competing with burnished berries
lighting up the hedge,
portents of cold weather,
while other birds flock together,
whirling and soaring in complex choreography
of Busby Berkeley
geometric patterns,
before they say goodbye one last time
and migrate to a warmer clime.
All the while, the robin waits
for his mate:
they are the Fred and Ginger
of winter.

© Kim M. Russell, 2016

Images found on  and  Pinterest

My response to dVerse Poets Pub Razzle Dazzle Me!

Lillian is our host for today’s Poetics with some of that old razzle dazzle! She wants us to sparkle her by absorbing the definitions of these words: Razzle: showiness that astonishes; Dazzle: amaze, brightness, brilliance, glare; Sparkle: effervescence, excel, shine, vivacity, energy, oomph, gusto; and then writing about something or someone or someplace or some experience that portrays the mood of the words, using the words, one of them, or none of them. But we must evoke their mood and razzle dazzle Lillian!


43 thoughts on “Bird-Bath Razzle

  1. Oooooh, you’ve done it here, Kim! The Fred and Ginger of aviary land. How I used to love watching their movies — still do occasionally! And you know, she did everything he did, only backwards in high heels! 🙂
    Great take on the prompt — with wonderful images and descriptive details….puffing up his scarlet breast.
    I’m definitely dazzled!

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  2. Here in western WA state, a lot of geese stick around during winter, but the robins all beat wings for Mexico & Belize. Your sweet take on the prompt dazzle my dimples for sure.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This made me smile hugely. I love the thoughts of the pairs of robins being the Fred and Ginger. Of course, Eurpoean robins are different from American ones. I am in a clime where most of the robins fly to LA, Texas, FL…but some of them stay – in pairs! I love the images in your poem. a dazzler for sure.

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  4. SMiLes.. juSt thInking2 myself
    in photography way too
    as yesternow.. a Sun
    FloWer wiTh
    iN plain site
    of God eYes
    too.. more though
    i AM feeLinG then…
    as Bee BuZzing..
    A path.. A journey
    rinGs aZure sKeYes Beauty..:)

    Liked by 1 person

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