Horse Whispering

dismissing a cloud
of urgent flies with tall flick
and a twitching ear
beating heart of rib-caged fear
is broken with a whisper

Kim M. Russell, 2016


Summer North Wind – Cutting Boards Tempered Glass

Another response to imaginary garden with real toads Artistic Interpretations with Margaret – Carol Law Conklin Batik Artist

In this wonderful prompt, Margaret has introduced us to Carol Law Conklin, a Batik Artist. On her website Amity Farm Batik, she states: “Batik, an ancient method of painting on fabric with wax and dyes, is my medium.  Nature, the seasons, farms and animals – especially horses – are my favorite themes.  The horse expresses so much flowing movement, dynamic tension, the striving of life.  Once the wax is heated it never stops flowing as it is applied with brushes to the fabric and also with the ancient tjanting tool (a copper or brass bowl with spout) that applies lines.

I enjoy the sensuous flow of the wax, which has a will of its own, as it spreads into the cloth.  The beeswax and paraffin has special line effects and crackling qualities.  I am always excited by the magic of the wax and dyes when I iron the wax from the fabric.”

Margaret would love us to link an original poem or a greatly re-vised older one using more  than one of these beautiful creations. 

Permission has been given for these images to be used in association ONLY WITH THIS CHALLENGE at Imaginary Garden with Real Toads.  

18 thoughts on “Horse Whispering

  1. Easy to flick the flies away, we can practice. There’s no way to practice beating fear, even shrinks have trouble there sometimes.
    BTW, our granddaughter, age seven, has always been deathly afraid of dogs. It breaks her heart that she cannot pet the lovely puppies. No shrink for her yet, I wish they would take her to see one.

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    1. There’s no explaining fear, Jim, and for some people, it stays with them forever, despite therapy. The only thing you can do is help hem gain some control over it. My brother in law has been afraid of dogs all his life, so his kids didn’t have a puppy – just hamsters that kept dying. What about a kitten for your granddaughter?


  2. Horses are so sensitive. They feel a tiny fly or but on their skin and of course, their tails precisely flick them away. Their sensitivity and alertness, there fear, are what keep them alive. Some are more prone to running, running… others brains kick in and they will actually observe closely and be ready to move or move again. My horse is of the later – it’s fun to see him think things through… And beware the dog that enters his pasture!

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