Train Spotting

Troops of ivy-throttled trees
line the abandoned railway track.
Snorting round the bend,
an asthmatic locomotive coughs
along to the clickety-clack,
smoky echoes of a ghost
drumming up memories
of day trips to the coast:
screaming in a tunnel,
waiting on a platform,
waving at passengers
who always waved back.

Kim M. Russell, 2016


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My response to Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Writing Prompt, December 25th – Give me 10 minutes!

Oloriel is our host and our writing prompt is to take 10 minutes to sit and write whatever comes to mind; let it flow free and just write down ALL the thoughts words, concepts, worries, everything that strolls through our minds in the span of 10 minutes. We can write a poem, a haiku, a series of, flash, anything really. The only thing Oloriel asks is that we use this prompt as an initiative: that we will, in the next year, dedicate time to ourselves, to everything that makes us happy and concerns us, and take this prompt as a small gesture towards it.

7 thoughts on “Train Spotting

  1. Last year I needed to take the train out of town a few times. There are some bear stretches which your piece reminds me of…stations that are less used than others. Reminds me too of when one is on a boat and waves…nice when others wave back.

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    1. My grandmother lived near a railway track, high up on an embankment above her house, and when I was little I would wait in the garden for a train to pass and wave until someone waved back. 🙂

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