Granddad’s Bicycle

When Mark and Pat renovated the family home, they discovered an old bicycle hidden under the porch.

“That old thing must have been Granddad’s when he was a kid,” Pat said.

Mark stared at his brother. Pat was the DIY expert and he was just there to do the donkey work.

“I hope you don’t expect me to rub that rusty old thing down,” he muttered under his breath, forgetting Pat had supersonic hearing.

“Definitely not,” Pat replied. “That’ll be my special project. Where’s my camera?”

While Pat spent the rest of the morning taking pictures of the bike from various angles, Mark stayed inside, sweeping and mopping the floors of the freshly painted rooms. As he stepped back to admire the kitchen, Pat appeared in the doorway, a strange expression on his face, holding out his digital camera.

Mark expected to see hundreds of photos, close-ups of rust and mouldy handlebars in full colour. But there was just one black and white photograph of a young boy in old-fashioned overalls, beaming from the saddle of a pristine bicycle.

Kim M. Russell, 2017


Image by: © Lorraine

When Mark and Pat renovated the family home, they discovered an old bicycle hidden under the porch.

My response to Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Finish off Fridays #5: Bicycle 06.01.17

Lorraine is our host for Finish off Fridays (FoF), the flash fiction writing prompt that alternates with Sanaa’s Friday Music Prompt. She provides the picture and the opening sentence and we write an additional 100 to 150 words to complete the story.

As the New Year’s Eve Flash Bash was so much fun, she’s decided to add an extra flash prompt to Finish off Friday. This week — we can provide our own (or someone else’s photo — with accreditation) and a piece of 75 — 200 word flash based on the image. We can do either prompt, or both — depending on how flashy we feel.

11 thoughts on “Granddad’s Bicycle

      1. I’ll keep my eyes open on Saturday – I won’t be around on Sunday as I’ll be visiting my mum who is in the final stages of dementia.


      2. It’s a growing issue — one our parents seem to develop and we need to deal with. So sad. My mother’s sister died of Alzheimer’s, so our family knows the devastation all too well. My oldest cousin and I wait to see if our generation is also affected.


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