A Girl in Every Drugstore

She waited at the drugstore, cradling her Coke float,
Staring at the ice – menacing berg or sinking boat?
And then, there he was, all uniformed and smart,
The type of guy she knew was bound to break her fragile heart,
But with his hair greased back, sitting on a shiny stool,
He epitomised everything that was sexy and cool.
Just along the counter, behind the Coke machine,
Stirring a black coffee, a woman could just be seen,
Fluttering long lashes over big brown eyes;
Her own eyes were the colour of turbulent skies.
She was overcome with a curious thought,
Reminded of the saying about a girl in every port.
As the other woman drained cold coffee from her cup,
One of them decided to break their romance up.

Kim M. Russell, 2017


My response to Imaginary Garden with Real Toads Fireblossom Friday: Escape To The Past

Fireblossom is our host and tells that she is facing what she fears the most: filling out tedious forms, finding documents, organizing finances and all the stuff that fills her with cold horror. She says it makes her long for a simpler time, when a girl could stroll through the sunflowers or conjure spells in her Gypsy wagon without applying for a permit. 

She has asked us to look at a selection of wonderful black and white pictures, find one that speaks to us and write from that. 

I chose the people in the drugstore – were they strangers or were they sweethearts, and who is that sitting behind the Coca Cola machine? All sorts of possibilities…


15 thoughts on “A Girl in Every Drugstore

  1. Who indeed? Uncertainty has a certain allure to younger folks, who like the spontaneity of romance more than the actual work relationships require. I think you captured that aspect of youth quite well here.


    1. Thanks Magaly! I think there’s more than one story behind that picture. There could be ‘other women’ hiding in the background, maybe a wife at home! It has the potential for a murder mystery.


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