Celtic Crow

One eye glances askance, glittering jet lustre. Is Morrighan watching? Will she visit you? Wings open like a broken umbrella, a sheen of funereal feathers. Is it alone or are there three to strike fear in the hearts of the enemy? Talons scratch a morbid beat to the castanet clacking of its beak. Sacred sister […]

A Girl in Every Drugstore

She waited at the drugstore, cradling her Coke float, Staring at the ice – menacing berg or sinking boat? And then, there he was, all uniformed and smart, The type of guy she knew was bound to break her fragile heart, But with his hair greased back, sitting on a shiny stool, He epitomised everything […]

Dementia Earthquake

In the past, we’d experienced active faults, grandparents, victims of old age assaults, unable to name the rumbles and shakes that came to be known as dementia earthquakes. And then there was you with your primary waves of forgetfulness, distance and those days when you disappeared behind your blue eyes, just stood and gazed with […]

Relentless Reverie

My response to imaginary garden with real toads Fireblossom Friday “Perchance To Dream” “To sleep, perchance to dream…” –Hamlet The challenge is to write about–or from–a dream. I have taken some words and phrases from a poem I wrote and posted just over a year ago and created a new one. The reverie was relentless: a […]