Losing the Thread

When a seamstress loses the thread, she becomes thorny: stitches tighten in her gut and snakes breed in her very soul, notwithstanding itches in her fingers from tiny hollow hairs, steeped in a poison that bewitches and catches her unawares. All fingers and thumbs, and nettled by unforeseen hitches, she waits for serenity and calm. […]

Birds of Gods and Kings

in a black and white blur their scimitar wings soar they vent their haunting hunting call circling high in the sky with sharp falcon eyes tail feathers clenched before the fall gauntlets of leather and jesses to tether hoods and bells that ring legendary birds untameable with words they answer only to gods and kings […]

The Point of Return

pristine pages of                 possibility flutter out the window into the                                sky fragile words on wings of air hovering ready to fall ­                                    […]


I wander in the standing stones, gather objects for potions: hemlock parts and gossamer, eye of toad and an owl’s feather. A celestial light show sparks and suddenly, without a flutter, a moth is trapped in a halo of moonlight and I am  rapt; lured by a death head’s powdered pinion – a fatal attraction. […]

Fifty Five

My fifty-fifth long ago disappeared In the rear-view mirror. Another birthday looms mirrorless – unless I can find a looking-glass that zooms in and out, magnifies my cuckoo soul, the one with the glow, gorgeous and free of blemishes. Old age crosses the road slowly, turning to smile knowingly, making me wait at life’s crossing. […]

And is there news?

My response to Imaginary Garden with Real Toads Flash 55 PLUS! Where the challenge is to write a piece of poetry or prose in precisely 55 WORDS. The PLUS! is an invitation to reflect on the Battle of the Somme.   They staggered across no-man’s land, Tattered remnants Returning to mud-filled trenches After shifting and ducking bullets […]