Waves scream at gulls, scribble chaos in their wake, sculpt rocks into skulls, pummel cliffs until they break. Boats struggle to resist, anchors taut against the tide, rollers and undertow persist, ragged sails and ropes untied. Cliff-bound in purple shroud, the lighthouse flashes behind clouds. Rays of hope and steadfastness guide sailors through the darkness. […]


Beneath the frost of November moon they murmur musky mist around the bone of tree-like antlers, a message of timeless continuity, melodic but wordless like the music of rain and flowing streams, or stars and comets rejoicing in their beams. Russet and lemon-yellow leaves no longer rustle but drift and rot, muting Earth the singer […]

On the Other Side of the River…

away from city sounds and lights a spectral owl waits for the untethering of the moon. Moored with the boats, she floats, horns above water, her light spilling into a river speckled with fishy stars, anticipating her ballooning release once inky darkness floods the city’s streets and bars, extinguishes the lights of buses and cars. […]

Losing the Thread

When a seamstress loses the thread, she becomes thorny: stitches tighten in her gut and snakes breed in her very soul, notwithstanding itches in her fingers from tiny hollow hairs, steeped in a poison that bewitches and catches her unawares. All fingers and thumbs, and nettled by unforeseen hitches, she waits for serenity and calm. […]

Dawn Apocalypse

The annihilator rises and dons his crown of peaks tinged red with blood and dawn. At his feet, leafless trees feign death, mighty forests bristling with dread, and convocations of eagles take wing, their obedient beaks sharpened to do his bidding; and we, like timid rabbits, scutter for shelter from the emperor’s apocalyptic helter skelter. […]

Birds of Gods and Kings

in a black and white blur their scimitar wings soar they vent their haunting hunting call circling high in the sky with sharp falcon eyes tail feathers clenched before the fall gauntlets of leather and jesses to tether hoods and bells that ring legendary birds untameable with words they answer only to gods and kings […]


Sharp-eyed and sharp-bladed, she emerges from the depths of the forest, where sharp grasses tangle and slice, vibrant berries belie poison and piercing thorns, and creatures crawl and creep, curious to see such beauty shining through the shadows. Sharp-eyed and sharp of tooth, they emerge from the depths of the forest, hungry for forgotten beauty. […]

Back to the Garden

What will we do when satellites fall from space, when sky is sky and not an overwhelming channel choice? Besides, nature shows would have nothing to show us when most species are extinct. We’ll have to make do with whatever is left in the wilderness of our back garden. Offer me fruit and maybe we […]

Cosmic Curiosity

How curious can rabbits be? Imagination and bunnies run riot beneath a canopy of stars, dodging the full bright of a dazzling moon to catch a distant twinkle before it crashes and burns. It’s not counting rabbits but constellations that send us to sleep, prehistoric slideshows projected on the inside of day-sore eyelids while we […]