Beneath the frost of November moon
they murmur musky mist around the bone
of tree-like antlers, a message of timeless
continuity, melodic but wordless
like the music of rain and flowing streams,
or stars and comets rejoicing in their beams.
Russet and lemon-yellow leaves no longer
rustle but drift and rot, muting Earth the singer
to a wintry whisper of whirling snow and ice,
and months of melancholy darkness:
monochrome that is broken
by sunsets and berries – until spring has woken.

Kim M. Russell, 1st November 2019

‘Autumn Breath’ by Jason Limberg – used with permission

My response to Imaginary Garden with Real Toads Art FLASH / 55 in November

Kerry has brought us this month’s art collaboration with Jason Limberg, an artist from Michigan, USA, who has returned to the Imaginary Garden to share his graphite sketch entitled ‘Autumn Breath’.

Jason describes his imagery as: “A drawing that makes me think about crisp fall mornings & colorful leaves.” He also asks his audience what they think the reindeer is whispering to his companion.


25 thoughts on “Monochrome

    1. Thank you, Kerry. I hope you are keeping well. One of the builders working on our house at the moment is from South Africa, and his father, who has never been out of his home country, is visiting here. He’s been helping out. They hadn’t seen each other for 10 years.


  1. You have set a lovely mood – I enjoy all seasons – the grey mistiness and white delight of winter is admired by me as much as the greens of summer and vibrant colors of Autumn! I love the four seasons.

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