Dark Future

You go to sleep and wake to a steady drip and wonder if it’s radioactive or pure and clear, like the streams you once knew. Above ground, no fresh water remains: no trace of rain or cloud or sky. There is just the twilight of your cave, the weak rays that find their way through […]

The Authenticity of Autumn

Woodland paths glimmer in the breath of dawn and shadows withdraw, musky miasmas of mulch. Leaves spin, dizzy helicopters, colours bright as fire, until they land in a dog-pile and rot underfoot. Wracked with weather scars, ancient trees slow, branch and root, their fissures adorned with fungus and spiralling mushrooms of sulphurous yellow, orange and […]

Arranging the Plum Flowers

under moonless sky arranging the plum flowers by waning lamplight Kim M. Russell, 7th November 2019   My response to Carpe Diem #1776 arranging the plum-flowers (Taigi) Today we have ‘reprise’ of an episode of ‘Revise That Haiku’, a special feature which challenges us to revise a given haiku by one of the classical haiku […]