Dawn Apocalypse

The annihilator rises and dons his crown
of peaks tinged red with blood and dawn.
At his feet, leafless trees feign death,
mighty forests bristling with dread,
and convocations of eagles take wing,
their obedient beaks sharpened to do his bidding;
and we, like timid rabbits, scutter for shelter
from the emperor’s apocalyptic helter skelter.

Kim M. Russell, 3rd August 2019

Emperor of the Dawn by Quincy Washington
Used with Permission

My response to Imaginary Garden with Real Toads Art FLASH / 55

For this weekend’s art collaboration, Kerry has introduced an illustrator in mixed media ink, Quincy Washington, from Portland, Oregon, USA, who has given permission for us to use his gold-embellished ‘Emperor of the Dawn’ for our poetic inspiration, which is part of his Zodiac Series: Royal Talens Collection – Leo.

Kerry says that there are no restrictions, we should let the image speak to us and respond in a poetic or prose form of our choosing. I chose to write a Flash 55.

19 thoughts on “Dawn Apocalypse

  1. The image of the speaker(s) running in fright is very vivid. And those trees. It takes a lot of horror for all things to shake and run, or fly… Something extra powerful (and scary) brews out of the thought of eagles running away.

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  2. I’ve been reading Richard Powers’ book “The Overstory” and this definitely has the same feeling of environmental destruction and despair (I’m hoping the ending will hold a little hope…) (K)

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  3. This is a very tight poem, Kim. The imagery is very powerful, puts me in mind of Blake in the depiction of your protagonist. I also love the title.

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  4. Sun kings bid these forest canopies cleared, the better to see Their glory: Brazil’s president has allowed Amazon deforestation to ramp up to a furious pace, declaring the death of the world’s heart and lungs Brazil’s — his — business alone. Those fearsome brass sun trumpets have always scattered the locals, but I wonder what will happen when free societies decide they will no longer abide the bullies who wave flags and give permission to fake sulk. Anyway, tight 55 and marvelously woven round Leo’s crown of burning thorns.

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  5. their obedient beaks
    sharpened to do his bidding;

    An annihilator seems to have many helpers to do a thorough job. Everyone appears to be defenseless. The way of the strong is frightening and sadly it is happening all the time


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