and sharp-bladed,
she emerges from the depths
of the forest,
where sharp grasses
tangle and slice,
vibrant berries belie
poison and piercing thorns,
and creatures crawl
and creep, curious
to see such beauty
shining through the shadows.
and sharp of tooth,
they emerge from the depths
of the forest,
hungry for forgotten beauty.

Kim M. Russell, 1st June 2019

Eli Edward Evangelidis (2018)
Used with Permission

My response to Imaginary Garden with Real Toads Art FLASH/55

For this weekend’s art collaboration, Kerry has introduced Eli Edward Evangelidis, an Australian illustrator and engraver from Sydney, who has given permission for us to use one of his beautiful pen and ink pieces as poetic inspiration.

32 thoughts on “Sharp

  1. Wow!! This is deliciously dark and brooding, Kim ❤️ I love the use of alliteration here and the image; “vibrant berries belie poison and piercing thorns.”

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  2. Beauty seems to have her own set of weapons to match the ones belonging to the things lurking in the woods. I like that there is no victor directly stated in this oldest of battles. So much depends on the level of cunning of those involved, plus no small amount of luck.

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