Back to the Garden

What will we do
when satellites fall
from space,

when sky is sky
and not an overwhelming
channel choice?

Besides, nature
shows would have nothing
to show us

when most species are extinct.

We’ll have to
make do
with whatever is left

in the wilderness of our back garden.

Offer me fruit
and maybe
we could start over again.

Kim M. Russell, 5th May 2019

The Dystopian Tarot, The Lovers
Kerry O’Connor

My response to Imaginary Garden with Real Toads: Art FLASH!

Kerry offers one of her own pieces for our inspiration today, a result of her painting and drawing in the medium of ink and combining it with poetry. She tells us that one of her best loved themes is Dystopian, and she has created a series of Tarot cards, with a twist. 

Kerry says that there are no restrictions in this challenge; we should let the image speak to us and respond in a poetic or prose form of our choosing.

20 thoughts on “Back to the Garden

  1. At golf we call this ‘maybe’ a “do-over”. Hardly ever second chances for foiled loves. I miss the Sky News, Directv doesn’t carry that for us. We do get several versions of BBC programming.

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