I wander in the standing stones,
gather objects for potions:
hemlock parts and gossamer,
eye of toad and an owl’s feather.

A celestial light show sparks
and suddenly, without a flutter,
a moth is trapped
in a halo of moonlight

and I am  rapt;
lured by a death head’s
powdered pinion –
a fatal attraction.

Kim M. Russell, 2019

Moth-Woman by Luke Eidenschink – used with Permission

My response to Imaginary Garden with Real Toads Art FLASH/ 55!

Kerry says it is a New Year, a good time to reinvent our FLASH Challenge, and this weekend she has introduced Luke Eidenschink, self-taught, left-handed Artist/Illustrator working in ink, from Arizona, USA. Luke has kindly given permission for us to use his amazing piece, Moth-Woman, for our poetic inspiration.

26 thoughts on “Mothspell

  1. I am smiling. I always love the way you can story an image, how both words and drawing are complete on their own… but become more together. Your poetry shows her spell, emphasizes her rapture, and sets us there with her, not wanting (not being able) to let go of the lure.

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  2. Drawn to the moth’s light… what a twist!

    I agree with Magaly. Your poem is the most complete tale I’ve seen this far. Your words and the art compliment each other while also standing apart.

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  3. I love the story told by a young witch-woman, puts me in mind of Macbeth’s (in happier times). Just adore : lured by a death head’s
    powdered pinion

    Such a grand choice of words.

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  4. Ah, this is quite a wonderful potion. I am struck by the image of a moth trapped in the halo of moonlight. How surreal and beautiful at once! And then “powdered pinion” and “fatal attraction” make for a perfect closing.

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  5. I don’t know if you were thinking of this or not, but the stones (and your poem) remind me of Outlander, of her healing “witchcraft,” of James Fraser and Claire. I love this piece, as well as their love story. ❤

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  6. this is so atmospheric and moody, spell casting to ensnare and entrance, which just proves, we are never (or the character) are as sure-footed as we think, crowning glories in halos and powered wings – a deadly combination, but oh so delightfully rich for the imaginings and this poem!

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