Tumbledown Shed

Weighted with ivy, tessellated with lichen and moss, the roof has splintered and caved in. Perhaps something has settled among the long-forgotten tools and pots – now homes for mice and spiders. Our sentinel by the rickety gate sheds flakes of peeling paint. The padlock key is long gone and its treasures remain hidden. Kim […]


It’s falling – snow, white and bitter, blows in on biting winds perfumed with winter. Thickening flakes paint a pointillist monochrome landscape, a gift for the optimist, sled ready, hoping for a white-out, while a crowd of children starts a snowball fight. By late afternoon, everything’s silent and grey, even the snowmen have nothing to […]

This poet needs…

to ease the itch of words that wake her up at night; to sing in a different language, one with imagery and bite; to linger in lines where no other poet has been yet; to smile to herself when other people get where she comes from and what she needs. Kim M. Russell, 24th January […]