Waiting for the Full Moon

in nooks and corners cold remains: flowers of the plum                                   Buson­ ­                                                                   icicles encrust stamen ­              […]


naked branches spangled with light and music tinkling icicles Kim M. Russell, 16th January 2019 My response to Carpe Diem #1585 icicles (tsurara) In today’s episode, we have a classical kigo for late winter: Icicles (tsurara), and two example haiku: yûkaze ya yashiro no tsurara hi no utsuru night wind — the shrine’s icicles reflect […]

A Childish Heart

at the gate of a deserted house, a cicada is crying in the rays of the evening sun                                                                         insect wings rustle in dust ­                                                              […]


A rainbow is the marriage of sunlight and rain. When kissed by a raindrop, a beam of white light disperses, in a similar way to light through a glass prism, into the colours at the ends of the visible light spectrum. We are taught about optical phenomena in school science lessons. However, as a child […]