cold nose and warm lap
on a quilt stuffed with feathers
a purring cat

Kim M. Russell, 24th January 2019

Image result for paintings or artwork cat on a patchwork quilt Pinterest
Image found on Pinterest

My response to Carpe Diem #1591 quilt (futon)

We are exploring classical and modern kigo for winter and today our classical kigo is ‘ quilt’ (or futon), with a few examples:  

waga hone no futon ni sawaru shimoyo kana

right to my bones
through the quilt pierces
the frost tonight

teshokushite yoki futon dasu yosamu kana

with lantern in hand
taking out a heavy quilt –
a cold night!


korogi no kanshuku to suru fusuma kana

the cricket’s
winter residence …
my quilt



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