Tumbledown Shed

Weighted with ivy,
tessellated with lichen
and moss, the roof
has splintered and caved in.
Perhaps something has settled
among the long-forgotten
tools and pots – now homes
for mice and spiders.
Our sentinel by the rickety gate
sheds flakes of peeling paint.
The padlock key is long gone
and its treasures remain hidden.

Kim M. Russell, 24th January 2019

Abandoned Shed

A second poem for dVerse Poets Pub Poetics: Shed/Open Link Night

This time I’m taking the prompt literally!

42 thoughts on “Tumbledown Shed

  1. As a poet and photographer, I’ve explored many abandoned structures; spiders, rats, mice and snakes have been my only treasure. I prefer your shed.

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  2. ‘tessellated with lichen and moss,’ has such an elegant ring to it and I learned a new word! 😍😍 Now to step inside the shed with you 🙂 Lovely write! 💜

    PS: Looking forward to your prompt on Saturday! 😘🌹

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    1. That one was originally a boat shed but we sold the old rowing boat and oars. We have two more: one is more of a ruin than this one – it has plants trying to break out of it – and the other was an artist’s studio but is now full of junk. The more I tried to keep it tidy, the worse it got. I’ve had to take my bike out, otherwise it’ll disappear!

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  3. I read this as a gentle and mysterious personification, I relate to the shed as I age, and as I change, as the excrudescence and beauties of the world overtake and change me, and the secrets we keep, the key lost, will the door be opened, or broken down, or will we let it lie for some other keeper to uncover? This is vivid, gentle, troubling, and sweet all the same time.

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