In the Cathedral

I am not a member of an organised religion but I believe I am a spiritual person. Although I don’t attend church, I like to visit them, whether they are small local churches or cathedrals. I love the quiet, the smell of burning candles and incense, and stained glass windows. Many large cathedrals have crypts, tombs, statues and paintings created by human beings enthused by their belief.

Sometimes, I listen to a choir or organ music. In the atmosphere of reverence, I empty my mind and rest my soul, which are then replenished with new thoughts and inspiration.

infused with incense
a gathering of prayers
in vaulted shadows

Kim M. Russell, 6th January 2019

Catedral de Tacna

My response to Carpe Diem Weekend Meditation #66 On the road again: Tacna (Peru)

Throughout January, weekend meditations are a continuation of December’s Pan American Highway adventure. This weekend, we have arrived in Tacna, Peru, close to the border with Chile, and we have an image of the Catedral de Tacna for inspiration in writing a haibun with a maximum of 250 words (including the poetry) in which we describe our ‘inner journey’.

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