Padlocked by passion,
she worshipped no more relics,
gathered no hair,
brewed no potions,
no more rituals or spells,
no wax figures,
no toads stuck with thorns –
just a love lock
carved with initials,
a symbol of fidelity
and, thrown into the depths
of the river, the key:
heavy metal to weigh
down hopeless hearts.

Kim M. Russell, 6th October 2018

Image result for lines meeting by pierre dubreuil
Lines Meeting (1932) Pierre Dubreuil

My response to Imaginary Garden with Real Toads Camera/Flash 55!

Kerry says it’s time to strike a pose with October’s photographic challenge.

22 thoughts on “Locked

    1. Thank you, Kerry. Although padlocks on bridges is a fairly new thing, it is connected to witchcraft. I only found that out when I visited the Spellbound exhibition at Oxford’s Ashmolean Museum. Fascinating.


  1. Oh, the use of relics and rituals as instruments, that could make the love last longer and the hopeless hearts to be saved, works so well — the symbol of fidelity makes for a thoughtful reflection on the idea of love and passion and how idealism may actually be the end of it.
    Quite an interesting perspective. 🙂

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  2. Extreme disillusionment here, faith lost with both the magic spells and true love, it happens, Kim, been there. Especially in keeping a marriage together. Won’t work.

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