Demented Texts

Hi Mum!
I just wanted to let you know
I’ll be visiting you today.

Hi Mum!
Don’t worry if the words
Get muddled up, just text.

Hi Mum!
I know your fingers can’t type
But I need your words – any words.

Hi Mum!
Did your words go the same way
As your memory and your dignity?

I love you Mum.

Kim M. Russell, 2017


*Image found HERE

My response to Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie  Writing Prompt: January 8th – SMS

Oloriel is our host this week and she has challenged us to do something new and modern that we are perhaps not quite used to: to write a piece composed of text messages. She has given us a few ideas to get us going: a poem, in which each stanza is a text message; flash fiction or a story, in which the narrator is telling the story to someone via text messages; using text messages from our own phones as an inspiration to write; an anecdote or real life story involving text messages; a text message sales pitch for the year 2086 or send a text message via our blog posts and encourage visitors to ‘message back’ and see what we can compile!

These are just ideas and we are free to interpret the prompt however we see fit, as well as participate with any creative media/writing/voice that we have.

15 thoughts on “Demented Texts

  1. For me, your entry is heart-tearing, due to family medical problems that happened recently.
    It really makes me think, that even though sometimes text messages seem so so distant or crude or just the worst way to communicate; meaningless cold – they mean so much when the person is, in any way, gone.

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    1. Thank you for your kind comments, Oloriel. We visited yesterday and I think she recognised my voice – there was a flicker of a smile and her eyes moved but it was so shocking to see the condition she is in. I can only waiting for a telephone call now.


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