Melanzane Parmigiana

My husband David is an excellent cook. He has some marvellous signature dishes and isn’t afraid to experiment when time allows. We love food from the Mediterranean, particularly Italian food for its freshness, rich flavours and colours.

The first time David tried his hand at one of my favourite Italian dishes, I was transported to the island of Burano, where we once sat under a parasol outside a restaurant for lunch.  I had ordered a light salad but the aroma of David’s choice of aubergine parmigiana was impossible to resist.

When he prepared it for the first time for our evening meal, I caught the same scents as they drifted from the kitchen. How could he perform such magic? Parchment-coloured aubergine melted on my tongue with a savoury, earthy fleshiness, enhanced by the sweet-piquant tomato and green, peppery flavour of basil that burst sweet and aromatic in my mouth. As I twirled strings of savoury mozzarella on my fork, I relished the memory of sparkling water and romantic islands.

Venetian landscape
infused with summer essence
sensual delight

Kim M. Russell, 2017


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My response to dVerse Poets Pub Haibun Monday: Yum!!!

This Monday, Toni would like to hear about the best meal, or one of the best meals, we ever had, not forgetting the seasonal haiku at the end.

38 thoughts on “Melanzane Parmigiana

  1. Oh this is such a delicious and romantic write!❤️ Especially love ” As I twirled strings of savory mozzarella on my fork, I relished the memory of sparkling water and romantic islands.”❤️

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  2. You hit this on the head…I love eggplant parmigiana. Your descriptions were wonderful and I caught myself sniffing the air just now expecting to smell it. The haiku at the end is special. All those memories encapsulated in 17 syllables.

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  3. A lovely haibun of memory and a lovely haiku at the end…plus! my very favorite dish! You have given me a gift tonight of the decided dinner. It is amazing when our husband’s cook! With love and every pot and pan in the kitchen! LOL!

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      1. I think as we get older we develop the strangest food intolerances. When I was younger I could eat pretty much anything, as long as it wasn’t meat 🙂


      2. I actually think I was probably nightshade intolerant most of my life…lots of the foods in the group were things I instinctively did not like…but mum wasn’t one for ‘likes’ and made me eat what was on the plate…I have always had mild digestive problems and when I stay totally nightshade free it resolves…hard to do it consistently though.

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  4. lovely meal prepared with love, men are really the best cooks to me, selecting ingredients with care and wanting to please us completely, I do think like scents, food tastes take us back to a place we had that meal or whiffed its aroma the first time, and the memories come flooding back. Thank you for sharing Kim!

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