thirsty for knowledge
spring raindrops bounce off our tongues
pearls of wisdom

Kim M. Russell, 2017


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My response to Carpe Diem #1182 drop of rain

In the last regular episode of CDHK’s exploration of Persian poetry, ‘praise to the emptiness’ Chèvrefeuille has shared a poem by Saadi

The Pearl and the Ocean

A drop of rain trickled from a cloud into the ocean. When it beheld the breadth of its waters it was utterly confounded:

“What a place is this Sea, and what am I? If it is existent, verily I am non-existent.”

Whilst it was thus regarding itself with the eye of contempt, an oyster received and cherished it in its bosom.

Fortune preferred it to a place of honor; for it became a renowned royal Pearl.

Because it was humble, it found exaltation: it knocked at the door of Nonentity that it might arise into Being.

© Saadi (c. 1213-1291) (from The Bustan, translated by Samuel Robinson)

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