May Tan Renga Day 2

the well digger
comes out into the floating world—
the heat!                                                                              (c) Yokoi Yayū

cool water evaporates
from the dark depths of the source                               Kim M. Russell, 2017

Japanese Well Ghost

Image of Japanese Well Ghost found on Pinterest

My response to Carpe Diem Tan Renga Challenge Month 2017 #2 “the well digger”

Today we have a haiku by Yokoi Yayu (1702-1783), a samurai poet and also the poet who developed the haibun, which was started by Basho. To make the Tan Renga complete, we add our second (two-lined) stanza through association on the scene in the ‘hokku’.


8 thoughts on “May Tan Renga Day 2

    1. I was originally looking for a classical Japanese painting of a man digging a well but couldn’t find anything. When I re-worded my search, Google came up with the Japanese Well Ghost. D=have you seen the film ‘Ring’, Jacqui? Scary!


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