May Tan Renga Day 3

from the paulownia
without a breath of wind–
falling leaves                                                           © Nozawa Boncho

brittle broken hearts collect
at the feet of princesses                                         Kim M. Russell, 2017

Paulownia in autumn

Paulownia trees in autumn – image found on Flickr

My response to Carpe Diem Tan Renga Challenge 2017 #4 from the Paulownia

In today’s episode of the Tan Renga Challenge Month 2017, Chévrefeuille has given us a haiku by one of Basho’s leading disciples, Nozawa Boncho (1640-1714). He tells us that the poet was born c.1640 in Kanazawa and spent most of his life in Kyoto working as a doctor.

The goal is to create the second (two-lined) stanza inspired/associated on the scene in the first stanza of the Tan Renga. I have never come across a Paulownia before, so this was quite a challenge. And then I found out that its other name is ‘Princess Tree’!


15 thoughts on “May Tan Renga Day 3

  1. Your lines were working well for me but then to know of the parallel with the tree name…that was perfect and the picture you found helped me to appreciate the beauty of all 5 lines

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