The Poet’s Kitchen

A Sunday morning treat I like to make is crumpets topped with a mixture of cheese, spring onions and mayonnaise. First you have to prepare the topping by grating plenty of tangy mature cheddar cheese in a bowl. Cut up the spring onions nice and fine, inhale their fresh, green scent, and stir them into the grated cheese, together with a big dollop of creamy mayonnaise – if you don’t have mayonnaise, salad cream will do. Gently toast both sides of fresh, doughy crumpets that spring back when you press them, full of dimples and holes, smelling yeasty, and waiting for the cheese mixture to melt through them. Add the topping to each of the crumpets, place under a hot grill until it is bubbling and serve. The best time to have crumpets is in the winter, with a hot cup of tea, near an open fire or fuel burner, sharing stories, poems and songs.

frost-covered gardens
melting in late winter sun
steamy breath rises

Kim M. Russell, 2017

Cheesey Crumpets

I don’t take photographs of food and I can’t find this recipe anywhere as it’s one of my own, so I have snaffled a photo of cheesy crumpets from Pinterest.

My response to dVerse Poets Pub Haibun Monday: From the kitchen of poets

Today Björn would like us to consider cooking in our haibun and give us a recipe in our prose. It should not be the kind found in a cookery book, but in terms of a story. He wants us to share place and moment. Did we eat alone or with a special friend? How was the setting, by candlelight or by fluorescent light? Maybe a picnic by the beach or a lonesome microwave dinner?

He wants us to remember that we have to share the recipe: some scents and texture, some secrets for a hungry man. He says that maybe we can use the prompt as a dVerse cookbook and, if we have one, to please share a photo of the food.


36 thoughts on “The Poet’s Kitchen

    1. My gran used to give me crumpets with butter and Marmite, together with a cup of hot chocolate when we got in from school in autumn and winter. I like mine to be well toasted. 😉

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  1. I must try this one of these day as I love cheese Kim ~ I also like the combination of crumpest with hot tea and sharing stories. Love your haiku of winter’s ending and the rising of spring’s air ~

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  2. Salad cream will do….. ? 😉 Does salad cream seriously still exist? I remember it from childhood, also the sandwich spread with bits of mysterious green and red stuff in it but I’m nonplussed to think that people still buy it. I must look in a supermarket, and maybe buy some for nostalgia! Best wishes from North Norfolk 😉

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