Honeysuckle Storm

I didn’t know lightning
could smell sweet
that thunder
could hum a gentle beat
and in the middle
of a heavy metal
summer song
so dark it’s light
so right it’s wrong
I see
a bee
on a rose
in a storm
of honeysuckle

Kim M. Russell, 2017

Honeysuckle Storm

My response to dVerse Poets Pub Quadrille

De is our host today and she has chosen the word ‘storm’. The bee flew off just as I clicked!



48 thoughts on “Honeysuckle Storm

  1. Before I even read the poem, let me just say that that is the most divine title. I’m so excited to read the body because of how sweetly scented the “head” is.

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  2. Oh my good golly, this is amazing!

    “I didn’t know lightning” (but now I do)

    “so dark it’s light
    so right it’s wrong” … (fantastic)

    The last five lines are phenomenal.

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  3. This is my favorite quadrille tonight..as it hums, bobs & weaves. That bee, like my cat, always moves before the click. Rocked the prompt for sure; smile.

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  4. Love that comparison, a thunder storm to a heavy metal song. The percussion section is quite loud. It can yield better benefits than a rock concert though. I think back to the 70s and remember there was never much good coming from that

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  5. I somehow find this poem so very … British. In the face of grave danger, conscious was sharpened, perspective freshened up, the aftermath overtone humming gently with resolve and peace of mind … The folks carry on, buzzing with poise, sipping tea like honeysuckle.

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