Words out of Leaves out of Words

russet leaf
for her to press
between the leaves
of sonnets,
caught on her sweater,
tucked into her pocket,
gave her the words
she wrote

Kim M. Russell, 2017

My response to Imaginary Garden with Real Toads Weekend Mini-Challenge: Out of Your Own Words

Magaly is our host this weekend and says that she hopes our days are dancing with words and wonder. She has been doing a lot of editing and, as she reread her work, many lines stayed with her, whispering to the muse, asking to be written into more, which is where today’s prompt has sprouted from.

Magaly would like us to write new poems that begin with a line out of our own words. The line can come from a poem, a story, a blog entry, a social media post; the origin doesn’t matter, as long as the words belong to us, and we have published them on a public platform before today. She also asks us to please add a link to the piece that birthed the line. 

I took my line from a poem I posted at the end of last August, called ‘The Leaving’.


30 thoughts on “Words out of Leaves out of Words

  1. I love the image of the leaf between the leaves of sonnets.. I used to do that a lot when younger and still open books from my shelf to have old petals and leaves fall out.

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  2. Saved by the pad and pen. I worked a bit on the sonnet she would now make. Finish later?
    I know it was a lovely poem your writer now has, saved in her book.

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