Sea Dragon

No roar of fire or brimstone,
no cloud of dust erupts
from the fossilised mosaic
of forefin, ribs and backbone.
The extended tail’s a fake,
implanted in the rocky tomb.
She’s a mislabelled,
200 million-year-old surprise:
an ancient monster that terrorised
the primordial Somerset coast
concealed the incomplete bones
of a sea dragon embryo.

Kim M. Russell, 2017

Photograph by Dean R. Lomax found on Science Alert

My response to Imaginary Garden with Real Toads Skyflower Friday: Monsters

Today Kerry is standing in for Shay, with a Fireblossom Friday flavoured challenge, for which she would like us to write a poem about a monster or monsters: real or imagined, mythical or made up, symbolic, surreal, abstract, nightmare or waking reality.

This poem was inspired by an article on Science Alert.


13 thoughts on “Sea Dragon

  1. Whenever I read ‘Here be dragons’ on a map, I want to go there. So many of the myths must be founded on the discovery of such bones – evidence indeed of dangerous beasts.

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  2. We are always fooled by what we think we know. Paleontologists say among themselves its what the fossil record doesn’t say– yet– that is the mystery of our prior existence. Loved the image and conceit here.

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