The last honeysuckle of the year
airs her fading blooms.
They no longer exude perfume,
nor do bees come near;
their candy colours have faded,
outdone by copper costumes
trimmed with berry red
and drenched
with autumn’s overpowering
leaf mulch scent.

Kim M. Russell, 2017


For dVerse Poets Pub Open Link Night

 I wrote this after discovering late honeysuckle blooms in our garden this morning.

48 thoughts on “Fading

  1. Some lovely work here Kim – felt like I was feasting on juxtaposed elements like: candy costumes, copper costumes, berry red and drenched… Fresh and so enjoyable – tank you…


    1. Thank you, Grace. If the headache doesn’t ease off soon I think I might have to visit the doctor. I couldn’t get out of bed this morning – not at all like me – and can’t seem to get going. I’ll have to shake a leg soon because it’s a reading morning and I can’t let the little ones down.


    1. Thank you! Our garden is delightful at the moment with the late honeysuckle, autumn crocuses and cyclamen – gentle colours among the strong gold and browns that have started to appear. But I agree, it is also sad when the flowers fade.

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  2. Your poem is wonderful, Kim. I felt I was standing in your garden seeing and smelling what you had written. That is the very best to me, when I feel I am drawn into something…out of my own chair.
    I hope you are better soon, Kim. Headaches are horrible. I had migraines for 25 years every month…and since menopause, nothing. Not even one. That was a blessing! Do see your doctor soon, though. Such beautiful writing, Kim. When we have a headache, our lives are so disrupted, and our creativity is on hold. Blessings to you.

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  3. A beautiful poem Kim and I am sorry to hear about your headeaches – have you had an eye test recently? Sometimes when we strain too hard to see it can give these throbbing headaches too. Hope you feel better soon and we wish you a lovely weekend :o) xxx

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    1. Thank you, Xenia. I’ve just had new glasses but I also cracked my head on a cupboard a while ago, which caused a large bump but I thought nothing of it. I’ve not been sleeping well, so I had a little lie-in this morning, which helped for a while. I’m going to get off the computer for the rest of the day, just in case. Thank you for caring my friend. 🙂

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      1. In that case I would go and see a doctor Kim – if the bump was big there might be some deeper bruising and it is best to have it looked at. Hope you feel better soon and sending love and healing thoughts 🤗💖 xxx

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  4. Damn, we all seem to have our health challenges–sending bolts of white light your direction. My wife & daughters all suffer from migraines, and take meds for it, which seem to help. We are having a bit of Indian Summer here in the Pac NW, sun & 70. My wife’s 8 tomato plants are still thriving.


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