I have never had pleasure
in any kind of treasure
and no sparkling diamond
can be my best friend.
But the peridot colours
of an August garden
delight me with greens and ochres,
golden sunshine dancing in the sky,
protection from the evil eye.

Kim M. Russell, 2017

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My response to dVerse Poets Pub Tuesday Poetics – This one’s for you!

Lill says they have just celebrated two birthdays in her family, which got her thinking about birthdays. She guesses that big birthdays vary by country and culture. For example, in her family, 10 was always very special because you reached the double digits and for her 10th birthday, her father gave her a birthstone ring. She says she’s sure the emerald wasn’t real, but she felt grown up when he put that ring on her finger.

For today’s prompt, Lill asks that we write a poem that includes our birthstone.

34 thoughts on “Peridot

  1. Love how you associate the color of your birthstone with what’s happening in the natural world at that time, many of our words are full of personal connotations and links- this is like seeing through your eyes.


  2. Today we all get a lesson on birthstones; excellent. I like the notion that you prefer the natural gifts of garden over the manufactured gifts of gems.

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  3. “Peridot colours” is a wonderful way to describe August greens and yellows. I’m amazed I had not heard of this stone before. I like how you open the poem reflecting on the insignificance of precious jewels and then weave in the reference to peridot which I imagine may be one of the most earthy birthstones.

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