Bay Tree Blues (or Greens)

Your branches no longer
rub against the gutter,
there is no friendly creak
in boisterous winds;
your limbs were amputated,
in the garden shredder.
You still stand strong,
birds sing among
shiny winter green leaves,
while you breathe
out your noble pepper aroma.

Kim M. Russell, 2017

Bay Tree Blues

My response to dVerse Poets Pub Quadrille: Creak

Grace is hosting the Quadrille, where the challenge is to write a poem or short prose of only 44 words with a chosen word. Today,  our writing should contain the word CREAK.  Grace says we can make it a noun or verb; create a Halloween mood with grating sounds (creaking stairs or floors); paint an emotional canvas (creaking heart); or make it funny with bones creaking.

55 thoughts on “Bay Tree Blues (or Greens)

    1. Quite a few of our trees have been thinned down or have gone completely. I’m not sure if its less brutal if we do it with a saw rather than a storm ripping their limbs off.


  1. At first I feared it was to be a tree chopping story and so felt relief in the second half learning the tree is still standing tall. Creaking limbs can be a comfortable familiar sound…it’s unfortunate when the risk outweighs that.

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    1. I’m very fond of that bay tree and have written several poems and a short story about it. But I also know that we should have kept it pruned. When the time came, the drastic cut was inevitable. I still had a tear in my eye.

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