Blowing his Own Trumpet

truthful nose swells
and grows with lies
but his eyes sink
and skies grow black
no way back now
hijack fake news

Kim M. Russell, 2017

Image result for pinocchio

My response to Imaginary Garden with Real Toads Fussy Little Forms: Than Bauk

Marian has given us a big challenge with another fussy little form, the Burmese THAN BAUK, which is completely new to me.

She says the than bauk is a poem consisting of three line, each with four syllables, featuring rhymes in kind of a step pattern , which you can chain together to make a longer poem. She wants us to sharpen our wits, so I’ve had a go with a mixture of something seasonal and topical.


17 thoughts on “Blowing his Own Trumpet

    1. I think I’d have found it easier if I’d been given a topic or theme. I had the makings of a poem about Pinocchio and I’d been reading an article about Trump the liar, and then the germ of the idea formed. Squeezing into the form wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. 😋


  1. I’m trying to not mix politics with poetry. It queers the form. I am rather sick of the political poetry stuff, but that is just me. My hatred for Trump is expressed in other forms….like throwing rocks.

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    1. I normally steer clear of politics but this one kind of happened – it fit the form. 😊 I’m too far away to throw rocks at the POTUS and I don’t think he’ll be welcome over here in the near future.

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  2. This is brilliant! ❤️ I would prefer people’s noses to grow like Pinocchio so that they would get caught whenever they would choose to lie 😉 That would be interesting, wouldn’t it 😛

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  3. That was pretty, Kim. I do possible catch a whiff of politician problems.
    I had mine wrong the first time, this time I also used skies but as a part of a contraction. Fun writes and reads.

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