Queen of Fireflies

The flames in her eyes
gradually die;
small fires
still burn in the ice,
the diamonds
in her crown.
Cold comfort
for a firefly.

Kim M. Russell, 2018

Firefly by George Henry Seeley

My response to Imaginary Garden with Real Toads Camera FLASH!

Kerry says it’s time to strike a pose again with the photographic challenge for January, which comes with a wide angle and any filter of our choosing.


28 thoughts on “Queen of Fireflies

  1. Cold comfort indeed. We have lots of fireflies here in summer time. My dog likes to jump and try to get them, but they vanish as if they had never been. I find them comforting, and would miss them if their light were dimmed.

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      1. They are completely magical. I played with them in my backyard every night when I was growing up in Texas. I had no idea how special that was. Now that I’ve moved away, I almost never see them.

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  2. This is very sad.

    “small fires
    still burn in the ice” … I love that.

    I’m picturing a literal queen of the fireflies … her death, with her “people” gathered around her as she fades away. Like a children’s book or movie, perhaps.

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