Siddhartha and Govinda

enduring friendship
two sides of the same coin
a binding mantra

Kim M. Russell, 2018

Siddhartha at the river

My response to Carpe Diem #1376 Re-United

In today’s episode, Chèvrefeuille tells us about the friendship between Siddhartha and Govinda, both Brahman’s sons who became friends early in their lives but, after starting a quest for enlightenment together, their paths separated. Govinda became a Buddhist monk and Siddhartha became a merchant.

At the start of his quest, Siddhartha had to cross a river, to which he later returned, fell asleep against the trunk of a coconut-tree and, when he woke up from a deep sleep, he was reunited with Govinda.

10 thoughts on “Siddhartha and Govinda

  1. Hi Kim…these myths are hard to fathom at times, but you did well here. I keep forgetting about Toads, and it is a very vibrant group of poets. And so is Carpe Diem. Thanks, Kim, for your poetic influence here, and certainly on me.

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