Sculpting the Coastline Together Again

My fingers itch as I watch clouds racing across a bracing sky. Wind wrestles everything into flux, bowls waves against an unforgiving fractured coast. Sea booms and boasts, spits salty spray, whips hair, seaweed and marram into a melee. My hands tingle with a defiant energy, gather crumbs of cliff and tumbled rocks, melt them […]

Noisy Faucet

Throughout the night, while other folk were fast asleep, their noisy faucet mumbled cyan, vaunted a tragedy of paraffin, a gradual puddle, ready to flame into Koi no Yokan, a nod to the arsonists’ tradition, scantily clad in new lovers’ promises. Kim M. Russell, 2018 My response to Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Wordle #187


shell secrets swept clean carried on the ocean’s breath only seagulls cry Kim M. Russell, 2018 My response to Carpe Diem Crossroads #1 Introduction to a new feature and a first try I love Chèvrefeuille’s new feature which he says will help to improve our haiku skills by challenging us to create new haiku inspired […]