The Naked Landscape

The nakedness of an early morning sky never ceases to amaze me. It’s as if nothing happens until the sun rises. At just gone five thirty, the lightening sky was washed clean and unadorned, and there was no wild life in the garden, not even a bird. In the time it has taken me to feed the cats and make a cup of tea, two aeroplanes have left vapour trail ribbons, stained palest pink by the rising sun, and a pigeon is crossing the tightrope of various overhead cables with a Charlie Chaplin walk. Even the river has been covered with a veil of mist. It’s almost incredible to think that landscapes like this have greeted early risers since the Garden of Eden.

fresh green buds tremble
among the ancient branches
birds in the willow

Kim M. Russell, 2018

Naked Landscape

My response to Carpe Diem #1414 Nakedness (kikobun)

Our task for today is to create a kikobun inspired by the prompt of ‘nakedness’


3 thoughts on “The Naked Landscape

  1. My favourite time of day, too, very special. And this is a fine evocation of it prose and haiku. I am looking at a huge – what I think is a willow tree- in my garden. I found it as a 2 inch high ‘weed’ between cracks in my paved drive many moons ago, and it never ceases to reward and amaze me. And the dawn chorus indeed soothes the soul. My wife and I lived in Gorleston on Sea for 18 years before moving over too south Manchester, I miss the skies – greetings from the west 🙂

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