Spring has come
in layers, from the first
swallows of the year
drawing fresh lines
through still air
and busily
nesting in eaves,
to carpets of flowers,
fragments of sky
among nettles and grass,
and the honeyed
murmur of bees.

Kim M. Russell, 6th May 2018


A sunny Sunday morning has inspired this little poem for Poets United Poetry Pantry #402


49 thoughts on “Layering

  1. I can breathe in that glorious scent of spring from your words. In Australia a pale imitation of winter is coming which hopefully means rain to moan about in the city or rejoice over in the country desparately needed by the farmers!

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  2. I am noticing as well how spring is coming in layers this year. Each year a different layer is revealed. Your poem gives me a nice picture of how spring works. I found myself nodding….yes!

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  3. Our yard man cut the lawn Friday but left the patches of clover and golden buttercups for the pollinators. I love this poem. Spring in layers. I had never thought of that. Now I shall look at spring afresh!

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    1. Nature is constantly adding to the landscape, even as we remove bits. My husband cut the grass in our garden and left me a lovely patch of speedwell, nettles and long grass. I think the bees were pleased! Sadly the cherry blossom is falling like pink snow but the apple trees have started to bloom. Even the bay tree has blossom, just nothing on plum or quince. .


      1. My Japanese and quince are always the earliest to bloom, often in the snow or sleet of early sprjng. I haven’t seen sleepwalk over here but it looks to be a delicious blue. The closest we have to jimson weed is the moonflower which in my childhood, I called vanilla flower. silly kid I was. But is is just a white variety of morning glory. Hinson weeds grows in the American southwest. I love O’Keefe’s images of it. The Apple trees are past blooming here. The BlackBerry vines though re blooming like crazy!

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