Although chemistry
remains a mystery
to me,

I love
the combination
of hydrogen and oxygen:

liquid that flows and trickles



fills lakes and oceans,
floats ships, quenches thirst
and washes clean,

sparkling foam,
currents and waves,
and the way the invisible
­                          turns blue.

Kim M. Russell, 9th May 2018

Liquid Blue

My response to Poets United Midweek Motif: Water, also linked to earthweal open link weekend #68

Sumana has chosen water as this week’s motif and has shared quotes and poems to inspire us. She says that those who live in an arid, desert land know too well how precious water is also others take it or granted. She also tells us that water plays an important role in many legends and myths in every culture all over the world. Our poems today may include everything concerned with water from ancient times to our present day, and mythological water beings, gods, goddesses, dragons, naiads etc. are welcome.

36 thoughts on “H2O

    1. Thank you, Toni! I’m struggling to keep up with reading and commenting – the dreaded exam season has taken over and I’m so tired. But I’ll continue to write in the early hours. 😊


  1. One of my students asked me just today if I knew what hydrogen and oxygen made when mixed. I said ” oh hang on, I need to get a drink.” He watched me take a drink and just chuckled as he walked away. I love, love, love when students get my jokes! Thanks for this. I will share this with him.

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  2. kaykuala

    liquid that flows and trickles
    and drips,fills lakes and oceans,
    floats ships, quenches thirst
    and washes clean, sparkling foam,

    An option is not to be made but an assurance of survival, it is!


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  3. Water like so many other things we take for granted and often forget how precious it is in keeping us alive. Now all we want is to convince the rest of the world how valuable it is. Beautiful accompanying photo!

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  4. Well, it’s my favorite element, so you’re preaching to the choir — your poem flow down, glistening and infilling and spilling over at the end with that fantastic trope turning blue “the invisible.” The sidhe is blue! Great one Kim! – Brendan

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