Felicitous Felinity

When our beautiful Tosca was killed two years ago to this day, I thought I would never find such feline companionship again. I didn’t mourn alone. My husband, who found her, was equally stricken, and Luna, who had never been a lone cat, sat in the garden waiting for her mother to return.

After months of soul searching, we decided to find a companion for our shy black and white girl. Fortunately, the local Cats Protection League is located in our village, where abandoned felines wait for someone to love them and give them a home.

Standing in front of the wire-netted pens, I saw so many cats I would have gladly taken home. And then I noticed a tiny kitten sitting at my feet. She was grey and black with the most beautiful markings, green eyes and a little dot on each front paw. It was her attitude that caught my heart. She had the same look in her eyes as the one in Tosca’s on the day I picked her and Luna from the very same place, which said, ‘I choose you. You are my human’.

essence of a cat:
a soft paw and a sharp eye
leonine and shy
admirable majesty
sinuous felinity

Kim M. Russell, 24th May 2018

My response to Imaginary Garden with Real Toads Wordy Thursday with Wild Woman : MUST LOVE DOGS

Sherry is our host today and asks us to write poems of tribute to or about dogs or cats we have loved – and/or still love.

34 thoughts on “Felicitous Felinity

  1. Oh, what beauties they all are! The majesty, indeed. How heartbreaking, the loss of Tosca, and sad Luna, waiting for her return. Gah! And how beautiful, the tiny kitten, sitting at your feet saying “I choose you.” This post went straight to my heart, Kim. Thank you so much. I love rescue groups so much. There is such a need for them, everywhere. Even our tiny village has one, and they are kept busy.

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  2. Our cats were rescues, too. One of them (we found out later) they called “demon cat” at the shelter because he always growled, but he is a sweetie with us–though never at the vet’s. 🙂

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  3. Beautiful kitties! It is utterly gut-wrenching when they leave. Louis Catorze’s big brother Luther left us almost 4 years ago & I still miss him (mainly because he loved me whereas Louis Catorze loves his daddy & couldn’t care less if I live or die).

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    1. The funny thing is that I have a short video clip of Tosca on a patchwork elephant my daughter gave me for my birthday – it’s a bit bigger than a cat – and a photograph of Mojo in a similar position. But WordPress wouldn’t let me upload the video clip. I wanted to bookend them, with the picture of Luna in the middle!


  4. She was there waiting for you to come, Kim. She saw needs to be filled that day, here’s and yours. She won’t be disappointed. Thank you for sharing her place with us.

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  5. It is very difficult to replace a beloved pet. Those that come after bring their own joy but can never completely fill the gap.


  6. kaykuala

    ‘I choose you.
    You are my human’.

    Perfect trait one finds in a cat.They are so lovable that it is just difficult but to give way!


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    1. I can’t resist a cat. But we have a big ginger bully who has attacked my girls in the past. He disappeared for a while but he’s back on the prowl. I have to keep an eye on them when they are out.


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