Flash Burn

After the bomb,
when radiation
wreaked its devastation
and the world turned
life leached from crooked limbs
of blackened trees
and poisoned humans.
In the midst of chaos
and confusion,
a mother’s love lit up the sky,
just like the radiation
before the mushroom
imprinted shadows on our souls.

Kim M. Russell, 1st July 2018

Related image
Alfred Eisenstaedt’s picture of a mother and child in the wasteland of 1945 Hiroshima  – image found on Pinterest

My response to Imaginary Garden with Real Toads Physics with Björn – Radiation, also linked to Poets United Poetry Pantry

Björn has brought us another piece of physics to inspire our writing, and has enlightened us about the mystery of radiation.

He would like us to use radiation or the stories surrounding it as inspiration for a poem. You can write about the scientists, the weaponry or uses. I think that radiation can be used as metaphor for toxic emotions.


38 thoughts on “Flash Burn

    1. I was tempted to take inspiration from the photo of the little naked girl running, but it’s such a well-known one, I was worried about preconceptions, so I hunted for a photograph that I didn’t know so well. Black and white photographs are so evocative.

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  1. All these dark times have left their marks on the world, we as a people must be vigilant as history has a way of repeating itself. May it never be so again…Korea worries me…sorry…

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  2. Such a powerful response to the prompt, Kim! The closing image “mushroom imprinted shadows on our souls”..is poignant and will linger in my mind as I contemplate.. sigh..

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  3. I think it will happen again Kim and this action would not be confined to Trump, we delude ourselves if we think so.. It is a real fear. I think about it. I worry should it happen, I will be apart from my now grown up children. If I survived – how would I know they were okay?
    This afternoon I viewed (a recorded) C4’s Myanmar’s Killings Fields and this brought home to me what I already knew, humankind easily slips back into the primordial soup. In our hearts we are feral.
    Enough of this doom and gloom. I hope you are having a lovely day!
    Anna :o]

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    1. Thank you, Anna! Unfortunately, I’m still marking GCSE exams. My deadline is midnight tomorrow and I have a stomach upset, so I’ve given up for the day. I’m going to watch The handmaid’s Tale and then go to bed. I hope your day has turned out better than mine. 😉


    1. Hi Viv! I thought I’d check messages and comments before I go to bed and there was one from you! Hope you’ve had a good weekend. I gave up on marking to watch The Handmaid’s Tale. 😊 Good night and I’ll see you on the poetry trail.

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  4. kaykuala

    a mother’s love lit up the sky,
    just like the radiation
    before the mushroom

    A mother can anticipate and be a step ahead in most instances!


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