Poetic Pruritis

A quadrille
fidgets between
fingers and beneath
the skin,
itches to be free
with scratch of pen
or fricative of key.

A peculiar
gnat-bite tingles
with heat and buzzes
with sounds and rhythm,
has the poet
wrangling with words
in a vexation of stanzas.

Kim M. Russell, 16th July 2018

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My response to dVerse Poets Pub Happy Anniversary and Quadrille #60: itch

Happy seventh anniversary dVerse! Grace is our host for the first Quadrille after the break and she has chosen the word ‘itch’.


52 thoughts on “Poetic Pruritis

  1. Had me scrambling for the old dictionary–“pruritis” being frantic itching of the skin. You weaved a lovely metaphor locked in Quadrille; artist’s do feel the itch of suppressed creativity.

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  2. kaykuala

    has the poet
    wrangling with words
    in a vexation of stanzas.

    Sometimes one feels somewhat challenged looking for the right word to be at the right place. Somehow it makes it more interesting in such a situation, though!


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      1. I’ve had a few really bad nights, diverse tickly lighthouse (diverticulitis) pains and spending the night in a very uncomfortable bed that was not my own on Saturday night didn’t help. It’s still hot here. We’ve had crop fires, which I’ve never known before. The funny thing is that family came up from London and thought Great Yarmouth was chilly!


  3. Wonderful Quadrille! The nice thing about this form and the dVerse game of word prompt is that it does indeed cause something to come to the surface, and it is not always comfortable. A nice Ars Poetica too. dVerse, the poetic hive-mind.

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  4. most wonderful use of the word “fricative” – now that’s poetry – and what a great poem this is – compliments the hilarious image ….
    I like how you’ve wrangled this idea, the “itch” to create and the vexation it sometimes Is – but in such an imaginative way Kim! Cheers!

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