Finding the Way Day 4

in secret gardens
paths wind through many stories
a breeze turns the page

Kim M. Russell, 17th July 2018

100_2631 (2)

My daily response to Carpe Diem Summer Retreat 2018 Finding the Way

At Carpe Diem, it’s time again for the traditional seasonal retreat: a period of 30 days in which the goal is to write a daily haiku or tanka about a theme. In this year’s Summer Retreat the theme is ‘Finding the Way’.


8 thoughts on “Finding the Way Day 4

    1. Thank you. The statue is one of a statuary trail that has been set up around a local garden. All statues are for sale. This one is of a child reading. There’s another of a little boy with a train and another girl admiring her shoes. There are even tiny rabbits and horses from some kind of woven material, a huge dragonfly made from rusted metal, and various ‘ammonites’. I can’t remember how many there are in total but the trail is beautiful, leading through woodland, by lakes and into a kitchen garden. It’s the first time they’ve done it and it has been really successful.

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      1. what an amazing and fascinating concept for a garden and “retreat” for people to enjoy … the idea that the statuary is for sale etc. is also really cool – adds a new element to the garden design, because then what? it might disappear (being taken to a new home) and so the dynamics of the space change again etc. Transience indeed.
        Anyhow, how wonderful.
        And it’s really cool that you’re finding these spaces as points of inspiration for your “summer retreat” at CDHK. Makes for some very interesting pieces Kim 🙂

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