Choking Nature

Humans record artistic impressions
of patient Nature’s handiwork
in a line of wind-tattered trees,
a blanket hem along the skyline
and curving sculptured hills,
where skylarks rise from barley singing,
and dissolve into the darkening welkin.

Hills become shadows,
the silence palpable over still-hot fields.
And yet, in boroughs,
towns and cities, greedy humans
waste resources, pollute with plastic,
fill every space with concrete, bricks
and asphalt as Nature chokes.

Kim Mm. Russell, 17th July 2018

Image result for hundertwasser hilly landscape with line of wind-tattered trees like blanket hem along the skyline
Hundertwasser, City – image found on Pinterest

My response to dVerse Poets Pub Poetics: 7 and 7 and linked to Imaginary Garden with Real Toads Tuesday Platform

Amaya is hosting the first Poetics after the summer break. She says that, in honour of this week being dVerse Poets’ seventh anniversary, we have ‘seven’ as the theme. She tells us that, as she was preparing for this prompt and seeking out poetry about sins, she discovered that vice and virtue are enmeshed together in an eternal symbiotic relationship.

Amaya shares lists of both the “seven deadlies”, as they are known in pop culture, and  the virtues, and asks us to write poems about one or all of these and how they affect our lives. Do we see a complementary function between vice and virtue? Is there one in particular that has played a key role in our giving in to temptation? Or one that has provided a valuable lesson? Can we personify them and show their relationship in an unforeseen light?

I chose to write about patience and greed.


25 thoughts on “Choking Nature

  1. I admire that virtue of: patient Nature’s handiwork and seeing the rise of skylarks.

    Kim, when I read of our waste and the way we throw trash and plastic in the environment, I really feel sad for our future generations.

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  2. You had me at /wind-tattered trees/. I love this piece, enjoying re-reading it as it gently twists like a murmuration from Nature to its choking.

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    1. Thank you so much Carol. I’ve been wondering if we dVerse Brits should get together some time. It would be lovely to meet the humans behind the poems.


  3. Seeing Being Life
    as Art Giving
    all that is
    to Be
    to Quote
    ‘Godwin’ ‘they’
    say Adolph wanting
    to Kill for ‘those others’
    rejected His Art leaving
    all that was left of his HeART
    as H and E and S and M of SMart..
    Little Children
    Create Love every
    Dance and Song they do..
    A Gold Star for Love and
    A Prevention of World War III too..:)

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