Boxing Hares

I spotted them between the trees,
ears like streamers in the breeze,
striding with their long legs
in enigmatic zig-zags
to an impromptu arena of fresh grass,
two mad March hares:
an ardent buck boxed around the ears
by an exhausted doe, surprisingly fierce.

My response to dVerse Poets Pub Quadrille: Thinkin’ Inside the Box

Image result for painting and artwork of hares boxing Pinterest
Image found on Pinterest

Monday is here again and De is hosting the Quadrille with the word ‘box’.

We’ve been to Norwich twice this week and seen some of the delightful, brightly-coloured GoGoHares dotted around the city. My personal favourite is the harlequin hare outside Norwich Puppet Theatre.

Image result for harlequin norwich hares 2018

I’ve also been looking at lovely artwork and greetings cards with hares on, so I couldn’t resist writing a quadrille about boxing hares!



53 thoughts on “Boxing Hares

    1. Thanks Jane! I agree about the doe beating up the buck. I was going to share pictures of the GoGo Hares that you can currently find all over Norwich but there are so many beautiful and unusual ones I couldn’t choose just one or two.


      1. 20′ is pushing it a bit. I wonder about this policy of littering the public space with expensive art work. The mairie spends a fortune repairing and restoring the defaced ‘artworks’. When you stick up larger than life size bronze statues of naked men in Muslim areas you can expect outrage. The one near us had his privates painted blue, but some of them had theirs hacked (unsuccessfully) and loads of them were spray-painted or knocked over. One was even stolen. The artists get angry and demand a fortune for the damage, but if it’s street art, that’s par for the course.

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  1. Such sweetness and joy out here on the trail–are we having fun yet? I, too, used boxing ears for my piece. There is a nice mixture here of Louis Carroll and William Faulkner.

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  2. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a hare….just some little ol’ bunny rabbits . I really enjoyed your descriptiveness, especially “striding with their long legs in enigmatic zig-zags”.

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  3. at one point, Richmond had painted cows everywhere but then there were doors, decorated by the homeless and homeless vets. they were auctioned off the proceeds went to local shelters. I love the thought of the boxing rabbits although in my mind, I conjure up kangaroos! Fun poem

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      1. I thought I’d downloaded them but for some reason I can’t find them. I’ll put them on Facebook when I can. We only got electricity back at 4.40 pm, so I’m a bit behind with everything. 🙂

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