Because Because Because

Because I was made up
of so many parts,
you added to me over time
and couldn’t see the real me.

Because you left me
standing over there,
coated in rusting tin,
you never knew the real me.

Because you wouldn’t
give me back my heart
I’m going to chop my way
out of this forest, not a Tin Woodman

but a woman, following the Yellow Brick Road
on a quest to find the best thing in the world.

Kim M. Russell, 21st August 2018

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My response to dVerse Poets Pub Poetics: Because, Because, Because

Mish is our host for Poetics this week and she’s taking us off to see the Wizard! We’re will focus on three characters of this timeless classic: The Tin Man, The Scarecrow and The Cowardly Lion.

Mish reminds us that The Wizard of Oz is packed full of metaphors for life as Dorothy sets out on her personal journey to return ‘home. Others join her with their own quest for happiness, but in the end they come to realize that what they desire already lies within them.

Today, Mish asks us to choose one of these characters and write from their perspective, imagining ourselves as Cowardly Lions longing for courage, Tin Men aching for a heart or Scarecrows yearning for a brain. We should place ourselves within the story, embracing their mindset and bringing their woes and wishes to life in our poems. On the other hand, we could use their personas to represent the feelings of being heartless, empty-headed or fearful.



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