A Summer Traffic Jam

between dusty cars
an orange butterfly flits
the traffic rumbles

Kim M. Russell, 26th August 2018

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My response to Carpe Diem Weekend Meditation #47 quest for a (new) masterpiece

For this weekend’s meditation we have been challenged to create masterpieces, haiku (or tanka) that will survive over the years like Basho’s ‘old pond’.  We can choose our own themes but our masterpieces must follow the classical rules.

24 thoughts on “A Summer Traffic Jam

  1. For some reason when I first came, the image wasn’t there? But I see you have selected the amazing Monarch, he was present when my Mom died. So meaningful for me. My Mom lived in Texas, and he was gathering the last of the nectar before he began his journey across the Gulf back home to Mexico. It seemed he took my Mother with him when he left. He is a beauty to keep in one’s heart.

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  2. Nice juxtaposition in this one; and also a kind fragment and phrase. Very well done … Your haiku paints a wonderful scene with the beauty of the classics like Onitsura and Basho. This is a haiku that will survive time … a masterpiece.

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  3. This really is a stunning Haiku Kim! It seems to be a perfect balance of the “gritty” realistic and the sublime, fleeting beauty. And the more I sit with it, the happier I get – with a sunshiny orange monarch butterfly smile ~ so kudos to you!

    [and I hope I did it justice with my tan renga; it certainly had me inspired to think on things in a different way!]

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