Birds in Autumn

blackbirds give the best
of their autumn repertoire
geese honk and harangue

Kim M. Russell, 8th October 2018

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Image by Ohara Koson, fond on Pinterest

My response to Carpe Diem #1516 Robin D. Gill, a haiku poet pur sang (Out Of The Box)

In this Monday’s episode we have arrived at the letter G for the modern haiku poet, Robin D. Gill.

Chèvrefeuille has provided background information on Gill, an American haiku poet, who is bilingual in English and Japanese. He says that Gill writes haiku in Japanese under the haigō (haiku pen-name) Keigu (‘Yours foolishly’, an homophonous pun on ‘Yours truly’)and , since 2013, he has been engaged in writing in Japanese for a Japanese audience. Gill’s work focuses on kigo or seasonal keyword thematics in traditional Japanese poetry, ranging widely over haiku, senryū, waka and kyōka (crazy poems). He has shared the following examples of Gill’s:

a hoe sounds so good
a man will shiver

A wasp at work —
thick make-up is nothing
to be ashamed of

Mean fall sunlight
here in Brooklyn 2 square-ft
X 2 hrs per room

© Robin D. Gill (extracted from The Haiku Foundation)

Our challenge is to create satirical and humorous senryu.

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